Pressure Surge Damper

  Type RK-F10

Pressure surge dampers shall protect rooms, facilities and ductwork against pressure blasts. Such pressure waves could be produced by chemical reactions, gas-explosions or mechanical damages at pressure vessels. They can reach in about 100 milliseconds a positive pressure of approx. 0.45 bar and their duration will take about 1 s.


The requested closing pressure can be set at a spring pull. The initial tension of the spring pull is to be selected thus that the blades are always open during normal operation as well as in case of high wind pressures or duct pressure fluctuations. During normal operation the pressure surge damper is open. In open condition the pressure surge damper corresponds with regard to appearance and functioning to a weather and rain protection equipment. In the event of a shock wave the pressure surge damper closes suddenly. At pressure drop the blades automatically jump back into the position open“. The pressure surge damper requires no accessory energy.