1.1.1. Static cooling ceiling system SKS-4/3, for concealed installation

High-capacity elements for installation above open, suspended ceilings; suitable for cooling all room types and applications but also usable for heating.


Nominal length 1 000 mm - 4 000 mm
Nominal width 350 mm - 1 475 mm
Nominal height 85 mm
Pipe spacing 125 mm
Connection type push-in fitting or press fitting
Installation height ≥ 185 mm
Surface finish powder coating to RAL (standard RAL 9005)



  • Standard cooling capacity 175 W/m² of cooling element suspended false ceiling (to DIN EN 14 240)
  • Suitable for high cooling capacities, as required in offices with high heat loads, television studios, technical rooms, or in the industrial sector
  • Uses the retention capacity of the concrete ceiling
  • Low temperature differences in the occupied zone
  • Combinable with any air distribution system
  • Cooling elements are independent of the false ceiling, so that mechanical installations can be carried out largely separately from ceiling construction
  • Low installation height saves on building costs and makes this systems particularly suitable for renovation and refitting
  • The basic element is copper serpentine pipework in one piece, thus no special requirements for chilled water quality; low system costs, long lifetime, assured quality, operating pressure up to 16 bar (consult us on higher values)
  • No combustible components