1.2. Static cooling ceiling system SKS-5/3, for visible installation

High-capacity elements for installation as exposed ceiling elements with elegant panelling design. They can be used to make free-hanging chilled sails or chilled islands to be integrated into any type of suspended ceiling. This system is easy to combine with lighting and other ceiling utilities such as air outlets, sprinklers and loudspeakers.



Nominal length 1 000 mm - 4 000 mm
(special lengths up to 6 000 mm)
Nominal width 430 mm - 1 480 mm
Nominal height 60 mm
Pipe spacing 150 mm
Connection type push-in fitting or press fitting
Recommended mounting height ≥ 185 mm, i.e. min. 125 mm from element top to ceiling (for no drop in output)
Surface finish powder coating to RAL (standard RAL 9010)


  • Standard cooling output 160 W/m² of element if designed as a chilled sail (to EN 14 240); heat removal largely by radiation
  • Suitable for rooms with cooling loads of up to 120 W/m² under comfortable conditions
  • For both cooling and heating
  • The system utilizes the storage capacity of the concrete slab
  • Well suited for renovation and retrofit applications
  • Special fin geometries and underside patterns easy to manufacture
  • The core of the system is copper serpentine pipework in one piece, thus long lifetime and assured quality, operating pressure up to 6 bars (consult us on higher values)
  •  No combustible components