1.6.1. Adsorptionsfilter CFH classic

For adsorption of high risk pollutants, which need a long dwell time, Krantz sorption filter systems type CFH classic or CFH hightec will be used.


Nominal air flow up to > 8 400 l/s [30 000 m³/h]
Adimissible design differential pressure up to 10 000 Pa
Tightness of filter housing acc. to DIN 24 496 leakage rate < 3 · 10-5 of nominal air flow at Δp = 2 000 Pa 
Dwell time at nominal air flow 0.25 - 2.50 s
Air flow velocity < 0.5 m/s


  • Easy handling of the safe change technology
  • Only filter housing and carbon, no changing element required
  • Compact and versatile design
  • Simple, efficient and clean refill procedure
  • High protection of environment and operational staff

While with the filter system CFH classic 100% of the loaded carbon will be changed at one time, the load capacity of the carbon will be used more efficient with the filter system CFH hightec. There, only the first half of the filter bed will be disposed, while the relatively unloaded second half of the filter bed will be changed to the first half. Only the second half of the filter bed will be filled with new carbon. Any adsorption filter system type CFH will be designed according the special requirements of the single Project.