2.1.1. Gastight Circular Damper GD-C

The gastight circular shut-off damper GD-C in solid and maintenancefree design, is used for systems with high tightness requirements.


Dimensions DN 150, DN 200, DN 250, DN 360, DN 400
Actuator electrical, pneumatic, manual, or emergency actuating by means of Hand wheel
Admissible design temperature up to +100 °C
Admissible operating pressure 10 000 Pa
Adm. leakage rate damper blade incl. seat of damper clade acc. DIN 25 496 < 10 l/(h ⋅ m²) at 1 bar, 20 °C and Δp = 2 000 Pa
Adm. leakage rate housing incl. shaft transition acc. DIN 25 496  < 10 l/(h ⋅ m²) at 1 bar, 20 °C and Δp = 2 000 Pa
Robust damper housing

Circular damper blade

Gas-tight shaft transition through housing

stainless steel, material 1.4301 (AISI/SAE 304), in gastight design
stainless steel, material 1.4301 (AISI/SAE 304)
shaft sealing made of viton


  • The actual leakage rates for housings and seat of damper blade are much lower than specified in the requirement according to DIN 25 496
  • The damper is designed to operate without any failure at an operating pressure of 1.1- times of the admissible operating pressure of the damper
  • The tightness of seat of damper blade is testable in built-in situation
  • For maintenance purposes, e. g. lubricating, if required, there is no dismantling of the damper from the duct system necessary
  • All media touched parts are welded continuously and without gaps to ensure an easy decontamination