2.1.1. Multiplex outlet FA-VT

For installation in corridor walls of offices, meeting rooms, etc., to provide the occupied zone with supply air spread out into thin single jets.


Volume flow rate range ≤ 40 l/(s•m) [145 m³/(h•m)] –1-row design
≤ 50 l/(s•m) [185 m³/(h•m)] – 2-row design
Nominal lengths 600, 800 and 1 000
Height of air outlet 140 mm
Discharge height 2.5 – 4 m


  • Bundles of thin, free single jets
  • Jet bundle elements manually rotatable through 360°
  • Pronounced spread of supply air jets
  • Rapid decrease in jet velocity and temperature difference
  • Single-row or double-row arrangement of jet bundle elements
  • With connection box for flexible duct connection
  • Also usable as return air inlet