2.5. Pressure Surge Damper RK-F10

In case of a requirement that single duct legs or wall openings has to be open in normal operation and to be closed in a pressure wave (produced by chemical reactions, gas-explosions or mechanical damages at pressure vessels) resp. a pressure increasing situation, Krantz recommend to use of their pressure surge damper.



Dimensions from 200 mm x 500 mm to 1 250 mm x 2 000 mm
Total depth of damper 360 mm
Admissible design temperature 100°C
Pressure blast 0.45 bar
Material Housing,
blades and damper rods

made of special steel 1.4571



  • The pressure wave can reach in about 100 milliseconds a positive pressure of approx. 0.45 bar and their duration will take about 1 s
  • Pressure surge damper of sturdy design, dimensioned for shock waves up to 0.5 bar. The function remains unreduced after a shock wave.
  • The pressure surge damper requires no accessory energy
  • Damper housing with connection frame on both sides
  • Built-in inclined blades with axis and bearings
  • Damper rods on both sides with spring tensioning appliance


According to the closing pressure an initial tension will be adjusted at an installed spring system. This initial tension ensures an open position of the damper regarding wind blasts and variation of pressure inside the duct system. In open position and case of installation outside of outer walls the damper also fulfils the functions of a rain protection grille.