2.9.1. and 2.9.3. Crosstalk attenuation air transfer element OG-S, OG-T and OG-U

For use in administrative and office buildings, for Installation: OG-S and OG-T in plasterboard walls, OG-U under the ceiling


Type OG-S and OG-T OG-U
Volume flow
rate range
approx. 53 l/(s•m)
[190 m³/(h•m)]
approx. 47 l/(s•m)
[170 m³/(h•m)] at a
pressure drop of 15 Pa

25 l/s [90 m3/h] at a pressure drop of 6 Pa

35 l/s [126 m3/h] at a pressure drop of 10 Pa


Nominal length 500 and 1 000 800 and 1 000
Height 400 mm 45 mm
Wall thickness S-shape: 100 mm
T-shape: 125 mm
Installation under the ceiling


  • With built-in silencer for reducing noise transmission from one room to the other (crosstalk attenuator)
  • High level of sound absorption at low pressure drop
  • High-quality design
  • The acoustic lining is of fire resistance class B1 to DIN 4102-1
  • Easy to install