4.2.1. Chilled beam DK-LIG/Z, with ventilation function, two-sided discharge

For room cooling and heating in commercial and industrial buildings. High cooling capacities; with fresh air supply to enhance the indoor air quality. The secondary air is taken directly from the occupied zone. The supply air is discharged on two sides. This chilled beam is designed for integration into any type of suspended ceiling. It can also be freely suspended, but then it requires so-called wings for stabilizing the air jets.



Nominal width Model 300
300 mm (for flush Installation)
450 mm (if freely suspended, incl. "wings")
Nominal width

Model 600
600 mm (for flush Installation)
700 mm (if freely suspended, incl. "wings")

Nominal height 285 mm (model 300)
300 mm (model 600)
Nominal length 1 200, 1 500, 1 800, 2 100, 2 400, 2 700 and 3 000 mm
Primary air flow rate 3 – 25 l/(s•m) [10 – 90 m³/(h•m)]
Surface finish powder coating to RAL (standard RAL 9010)
Connection type

push-in fitting or pipe end for pressing
primary air spigot DN 100 – DN 150


  • Compact unit for fresh air supply as well as for cooling and heating according to DIN EN 15116
    – Model 300: 
       Cooling capacity up to 620 W/m
       Heating capacity up to 315 W/m
    – Model 600
       Cooling capacity up to 826 W/m
       Heating capacity up to 352 W/m
  • Reflow surface area for secondary air intake
  • Many design options with various types of screens, wings, and connections to suspended ceilings
  • Heat exchanger cleanable from room thanks to easily detachable screen
  • Thanks to low height, well suited for low storeys in new or refurbished buildings
  • Horizontal air distribution and low air velocities in the occupied Zone
  • Low sound power Level
  • Optimum layout possible thanks to various sizes of primary air nozzles