5.1.7. Induction unit for mixing ventilation IG-M-SB, for vertical parapet mounting

Induction unit for cooling, heating, and fresh air supply along the façade, through window parapets; high level of thermal comfort.


Primary air volume flow rate 8 – 36 l/s [30 – 130 m³/h]
Cooling capacity (total) max. 1 100 W
Heating capacity max. 960 W
Heating capacity, self-convection 245 W
Nominal unit width 800, 1 000 and 1 200 mm
Depth 160 mm
Height 455 mm



  • Low pressure loss (70 to 200 Pa), therefore energy- saving Operation
  • Low sound power Level
  • Heating also possible without primary air, which saves energy when heating at night and at Weekends
  • Heat exchanger cleanable from the front and the rear (in compliance with requirements of VDI 6022). The large fin spacing enables easy cleaning and removes the need for a filter.
  • Suitable for new or refurbished Buildings
  • Condensate tank below heat exchanger, inclusive of drain with ½“ connector