5.1. Circular displacement outlet VA-ZD

Suitable for rooms where the supply air is discharged at points either at approx. 3 m height or directly above the floor.


Volume flow rate range ≤ 2 800 l/s [10 000 m³/h]
Nominal sizes DN 250 - DN 630
Primary penetration Depth up to 14 m
Maximum supply air penetration depth up to 20 m


  • Low-turbulence displacement flow
  • Placement at approx. 3 m height or on the floor, free standing in room or in front of a pillar or wall
  • Radial discharge direction
  • Stepless adjustment of discharge direction from approximately horizontal to vertical downflow
  • Adjustment by hand, servomotor or automatic thermal control unit
  • Well suited for cooling and heating
  • Connection to duct to EN 1506