5.2.2. Ventilation unit (recirculated air) for mixing ventilation LG-UM-M-LB, for horizontal floor mounting

To ventilate office and administrative buildings that have façades with floo-to-ceiling glazing, Krantz supplies a ventilation unit work- ing with recirculated air and designed for raised floor mounting; this compact unit with high output is able to remove the internal cooling and heating loads resulting from the large glazed area.



Air volume flow rate 55 – 97 l/s [200 – 350 m3/h] (continuous Control)
Cooling output
Supply air temperature
Chilled water temperature
700 W
18.5 °C
15 / 17 °C
Heating output
Supply air temperature
Hot water temperature
1 515 W
35 °C
50 / 40 °C
Control voltage for fan speed 10 V DC
Operating voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Total power requirement (design value) 56 VA



  • Cooling and heating at the facade; unit mounted in raised floor
  • Maximum energy saving thanks to energy-efficient cross-flow fan
  • Recirculated air volume flow rate up to 97 l/s [350 m3/h]
  • Cooling output up to 700 W
  • Low sound power level
  • Ideal in conjunction with a floor-mounted supply air ventilation unit providing a minimum percentage of outdoor air
  • Feet adjustable in height to make up for vertical constructional tolerances
  • Optionally fitted with flexible connection hoses, valves and actuators