5.8. Displacement ventilation for indoor firing ranges VA-RSA

Shooting with firearms in indoor firing ranges releases gases and airborne particles which pollute the indoor air. Using a properly dimensioned HVAC system is a way of reducing the air pollutants to protect the health of shooters.



Volume flow rate range depends on range cross section and amount of pollutants
(depending on type of firearm and shooting sequence)
Discharge velocity 0.25 - 0.35 m/s
Size made to match the range cross section
Coverage entire range cross section and length



  • Breathing zone of the shooter is free of hazardous substances
  • High thermal comfort because of draught-free air supply
  • Air distribution without influence on ballistics
  • Easy and quick assembly (modular system)
  • Optional integration of windows and doors for the supervision of the shooters
  • Stable piston flow, even at temperature differences of up to ±4 K between supply air and indoor air
  • Individual design, tailored to the architecture
  • Robust powder coating with free choice of colour
  • Support in layout and concept by our experts
  • Proof of function during commissioning if desired