6.4.2. Step twist outlet DS-RA-DN 80

For air distribution in assembly rooms with banked seating. Air supply from step front; circular shape.


Volume flow rate range ≤ 6.9 l/s [≤ 25 m³/h]
Nominal size DN 80
Sound power level ≤ 24 dB(A) ref. 10-12 W


  • Air distribution system for auditoria, convention centres, theatres, and other assembly rooms
  • For integration into step risers ≥ 130 mm in height
  • Microclimate air distribution system with uniform temperature distribution in the occupied zone and draught-free indoor air flow in the microclimate zone
  • Low sound power level
  • Maximum temperature difference between supply and indoor air –5 K between supply and return air –12 K, depending on internal heat loads and floor-to-ceiling height
  • Low-outlay solution for comfortable climate
  • Recommended minimum supply air temperature 18 °C